Monday, July 28, 2008

How to win Business Strategy Game Online

Many universities use the Business Strategy Game (by Glo-Bus Software) to teach MBA/BBA students in Business Strategy subjects. This game is also bundled with McGraw-Hill's textbook.

I am an MBA student in Hong Kong. I played this game and failed to win. However, I would like to share my progress and results with other students around the world.

Before playing the game, I've found a very detailed guide by other students: It is a great start for everybody.

I would like to share my result here.

  Footwear Industry Report yr10-18
  Competitive Intelligence Report yr10-18
  Our Company Report yr10-18
  Final Result of our team

Actually the game highly depends on you and your rivals' attitude. If everybody is conservative, the game is boring. If some of them are aggressive, the game is fun and every round is a bloody killing field.

If you find this site is useful, no matter you win or lose, please email your results (in similar PDF format) to me at Or simply upload them somewhere and post the links in the comments.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Very nice Philip your comments. I'm playing right now but i'm looking for someones to share me some results to compare my job
my e.mail is

I'm from Mexico

Anonymous said...

I am currently playing. Someone on the team, who didn't know what they were doing, made a really bad decision. Now we are in the negative in EPS, ROE, Net Profit and our credit rating is a C-. I found you info very helpful, but can't seem to get these negative performance projections to go away. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Dennis Chow, A+, IASO said...

WHYYY DIDN'T I THINK OF GOOGLING FOR THIS SOONER?! We were #2 in our class whouping all kinds of ass then we just kept moving slowly down. Thanks for the guide I will show you what we make it out to be. This is a capstone course for us and takes up to 20% of our total grade!

Anonymous said...

For Anonymous #2, while it's too late, the main thing would have been to follow the original poster's recommendations.

I wound up consulting for a friend's BSG run. Brought her from a similar situation in 10th place, up to 4th place with a score near 100, starting halfway through the game.

It's doable. The main process is always the same (kind of like what's outlined on the page)

1. Pick your company's strategy - differentiation (high models, low volume, high price, high quality), low cost(high models, high volume, low price, low quality), best cost (high models, high volume, high price, high quality)

While you can switch things around from turn to turn, that can make things a bit confusing. Also, if you have a professor that grades you based on whether or not you run it like a real company, that can cost you.

2. Translate that strategy into your simulation company's approach

3. Check the exchange rates to figure out distribution focuses (where you make more money, sell more there if possible or at least increase the prices if possible)

Then do each decision screen at a time.

In your specific case, you probably needed a 10 year loan (even at high interest rate) to square things away.

Anonymous said...

I am starting the game now. Will post my results when I am done!


Anonymous said...

There's a forum at BSG Tips Forum.

It's the only BSG forum I know of.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just realized that forum connects to and it's run by a Grand Champion of Business Strategy. He's helping me personally to win my game!

He took me from 5th place in the first year, to second in the second year, and then first for all the remaining years!

corona australis said...

very nice ! I am currently play the game but i failed to win the game.
I follow the low cost strategy and now have the credit rating C.
Although my market share is quite good but i fail to earn high profit.
Is there and suggestion or help?

Anonymous said... is a scam. Don't waste your money with these cheap affiliate sites. They sell PDF on any hot keyword on Google, and this is one of them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think BSGTips is part of, I don't know how you connected that.

Anonymous said...

I need help with Chapter 5 to 12 Quizes at the end of the chapter, any help out there??

Sunshine Home Watch said...

I completely agree. Corvallis has some good advice but it is a recipe for going bankrupt. Visit my FREE website to learn how to win. The tips and tricks are completely free.

BSG Tutorial said...

There is a full video tutorial at

Please visit and watch, it will help you out a lot.

BSG Grand Champion said...

Hello, I'm the Grand Champion of BSGTips, and it was brought to my attention that here on this Blog it says that my site is a clickbank scam. There are no advertisements anywhere on my site.

And I don't sell pdfs on "hot key words".

The only positive thing about this Blog is that it shows I am an old and well established BSG help site.

Anonymous said...

The only good reviews for comes from the owner. Buy now! Buy now! I wouldn't lie about the product I sell. It is like any other scam promising great results if you just send your money now.

Anonymous said...

I did in fact buy the magic numbers guide. they actually worked pretty well.

RobinP said...

I too also bought the guide at, and no this isn't a sales pitch or anything, but I had a good pretty experience with that site and offered to post a comment. Got me out of bankruptcy anyways.

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Anonymous said...

I'm playing this game but I need help we are the last group and I have no idea what to do I'm in year 13 and the game ends in year 15. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.